Candidates standing for election to Sunderland City Council announced

Sunderland Council

The list of candidates standing for election to Sunderland City Council has now been published. 

The deadline for nominations closed on Thursday, April 7 at 4pm.

Polling Day is Thursday 5 May and more than 204,000 people are on the city’s electoral register, with more than 89,000 people opting to vote by post.

Sunderland’s returning officer Sue Stanhope said: “If you want to vote at the local election or the Police and Crime Commissioner election and are not on the electoral register you have until Monday 18 April to apply.”

Sunderland has a total of 75 councillors.

In elections, Sunderland is divided into 25 electoral wards.

The people in each ward are represented by three city councillors, each elected for a four-year term.

City Council elections are held in ‘thirds’, with one seat for each ward becoming vacant in three out of every four years.

Therefore there are 25 City Council seats contested in standard election years.

You can view the candidates standing for election in your ward here.

If you are unsure what ward you are in, you can check on the Sunderland City Council’s website.

Anyone who has not yet registered to vote should contact the council’s Electoral Services team immediately on 0191 520 5550 or register online here.

The deadline to register to vote for elections in May is Monday, April 18.

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