Couples in the North East have the happiest marriages

Wedding picture on the James Herriot balcony at the Stadium of Light
Wedding picture on the James Herriot balcony at the Stadium of Light.

A new poll has revealed that the happiest marriages live in the North East.

The poll was conducted by a team at diamond jewellery brand, Vashi, as part of ongoing research into British relationships.

Nearly 3,000 (2,944) married Britons took part in the survey, all of whom had been married to their partner for at least three years.

Initially, respondents were asked “How happy is your marriage?” They were told to give a score from one to ten, with ten being the happiest. The average answer given by the respondents was 6 out of ten.

The team analysed the results to find where the happiest married couples live.

All respondents remained anonymous throughout and the people taking part were from an equal spread of the 12 UK regions.

Vashi Dominguez of the website, said: “Every marriage is the fruition of a different journey; with unique triumphs, challenges and lessons learnt along the way.

“Having said that, we have uncovered some very interesting trends in our quest to find the recipe to success, with those in the North shining examples of happy marriages and those in the South West, Wales and London typically falling behind.

“These scores reflect that a happy marriage is not made overnight; it’s an ever-evolving and changing process and a true labour of love.”

The poll also revealed the best months of the year to fall in love, after the respondents were asked when they met.

The respondents were asked to state what month of the year that they met their partner.

The team analysed the responses of all those who stated that their marriage was a ten on the happiness scale and found that the majority (34 per cent) met their partner in March.

They then considered the couples on the other end of the spectrum, analysing all respondents who scored their marriage as 1 out of ten on the happiness scale.

The results found that March is the month when the majority of happily married couples meet, while November is the month when unhappily married couples are most likely to meet.

Mr Dominguez added: “March is well upon us and this survey has led us to wonder about how many new acquaintances have been made this month; according to these results, they could blossom into the next wave of happily married couples!

“We can see why March has been crowned the month of love; the sun has started to shine again, spring is certainly in the air and it’s a perfect time of year for new beginnings.”

The poll also found the happiest respondents were most likely to know each other for 60 months or more at the time of getting engaged whilst the least happiest were most likely to have known each other for 12 to 23 months.

Further to this, the least happy married couples were most likely to have met at work, with the happiest most likely to have met on dating sites and apps.

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