Pop-up X Factor auditions hit Sunderland City Centre

The bridges shopping centre in Sunderland welcomed X Factor producers to set up a pop-up audition pod for this years round of auditions.

Producers from the x factor have been travelling around the United Kingdom’s major cities urging people to audition.

They have been to Edinburgh, Aberdeen and after Sunderland they were off to Hull to see what talent Lincolnshire can give.

Junior producer, Grace Adams, 22, from London said: “This is our third stop of the tour in three days so we very tired.”

She continued to say that her team had not slept the night before due to a travel issue, however she was still excited and happy to be auditioning contestants.

Grace wanted to say that her team are not there to judge, only to video the auditions.

She said: “After here we have 8 more stops and then we will review all of the videos we recorded with the other producing team.”

The contestants should find out next month if they have been successful to perform in front of the judges.

These are the auditions we don’t see on television and they are before the acts meet the judges.

However, as mentioned they are still recorded so the contestants have to perform as if they were on national television, if they want to get through.

Katie Burnikill, 23, from Sunderland said: “My auntie phoned me and told me to get here straight away to audition so if I get through it will be down to her.

“My family have always pushed me to follow my dreams and getting through here will make me one step closer to that dream.”

Another contestant from Sunderland said that he loves singing on karaoke so when he saw the audition pod he jumped at the chance to try and impress the producers.

He said that Elton John was his inspiration and someone he would like to be as successful as. He sang “The Circle Of Life” as his audition song.

The auditions were held in an abandoned shop next door to Next and opposite the make-up stall. Around 10 auditionees’ showed up in the first hour and more and more came as the day went on.

Elena Deyu, 19, from Romania, said: “I am going to sing Adele, ‘One And Only’ because it is my karaoke song and means a lot to me personally.”

She continued to say that to be as famous and talented one day like Adele is her ultimate dream and her main inspiration along with her friends and family who have always supported her.

The auditions were a success with a lot of contestants showing up to perform. The producers said they have more than enough to look through together and are excited to continue their tour.

Good luck to everyone from Sunderland, and the North East, who auditioned!

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