Newcastle online shop tells us why we should Always Wear Red

Photo: screen grab.
Photo: screen grab.

There is a shade of red for every person and an emotion for every shade of red.

If you want to stand out and make a statement, you wear red.

It’s also a colour of confidence, which is what new luxury brand Always Wear Red bases itself on.

Launched on Valentine’s Day, Always Wear Red is an online store that is bringing style and class to Newcastle with its all-red products.

It is owned by Michael Owen, Zoe Rocha (daughter of designer John Rocha) and well-known tv star, Ralf Little.

So why should you wear red?

It is a very patriotic colour in Britain. Red is the most British colour, with our top three cultural icons being our unique red post boxes, red phone boxes, and our red buses.

It’s the colour with the longest wave-length. Scientifically, it captures the eye’s focus, making you stand out from a crowd.

Red has its own psychology. We relate it to energy, courage, passion, anger, opulence, heat and sexuality.

The third reason, says Always Wear Red owner Michael Owen, is that is messes with your mind.

Always Wear Red’s items, such as their scarves, beanies and ties, are all made in the United Kindom and are of 100 per cent silk or cashmere.

The ‘tall beanie’ which is prices at £140, is very expensive for a beanie, admits Mr Owen, but with it’s double thickness, is “the best beanie around”.

He added: “One of our ideas is called F*** Luck. It’s based on the idea that people who work really hard don’t need luck. It’s just hard work, dediction and ambition.

Always Wear Red is targeted for the ambitious, hard-working and sucessful professional who want to add an edge to their wardrobe.

To find out more about Always Wear Red or visit the online shop, click here.

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