SAFC Museum nominated in The Journal Culture Awards 2016


The SAFC Museum, run by 45-year-old Michael Ganley, has been nominated for North East Museum of the Year in The Journal Culture Awards 2016.

The transportable museum started out on social media in 2014 and offers free displays at various events, with the nomination coming as quite a shock to Mr Ganely.

Mr Ganely said: “It would be hard to comprehend if we won the award in all honesty.

“To be nominated for a prestigious award from a reputable newspaper, it is truly fantastic.

“I’ve collected for about 30 years. From collecting and keeping to myself, I’ve gone the complete opposite way because we’ve got to support our museums, but we (Sunderland AFC) haven’t got anything football related that the fans can really see.”

Mr Ganely believes the success of his museum, which consists of match worn shirts and various other pieces of memorabilia, is down to its accessibility.

He added: “Every fan can access it on social media and when I do the free events which I’ve done in various areas. It’s great that it’s progressing and progressing.

“I do want it to be in an actual location but also, I love the idea of being mobile and taking it to people who can’t get to town centres or the football club. I don’t want to discriminate against anyone.”

George Forster, Chairman of the Sunderland Supporters Association, believes the Stadium of Light would be an ideal location for the museum.

Mr Forster said: “I would like to think there was a museum on that site. We were always of the understanding that there would be a museum at the Stadium of Light.

“The supporters would like one, I know that for a fact, and I would like to think it would happen in my lifetime.”

Nominations close on February 22 and you can vote for the SAFC Museum by clicking here.

You can keep up to date with upcoming displays on the SAFC Museum Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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