£1.2million yacht brings glamour to River Wear

By Elizabeth Kazibure, Veronica Harding & Masuma Begum

It is extremely rare for a dazzling yacht of its kind to be seen on Sunderland’s River Wear.

However, one was spotted today, filled with crew members, casually having a spot of lunch while enjoying the beautiful weather, accompanied by the owner of the white yacht.

The owner of the expensive yacht owns a vehicle equipment company, which allows him to cover the yachts heavy price tag, we understand.

To run this yacht it’s £10 per mile, and the crew alongside the owner travelled 20 miles to Sunderland and 20 miles back to Newcastle Quay side, costing a whopping £400, a crew member who does not want to be identified tells us.

If you’re thinking about buying a £1.2million yacht remember you’ve got a whole lot of expenses to pull out, including £600 a week to keep it on the water.

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