Fulwell Mill to undergo £150,000 restoration

Video: Michael Ramsay

The Fulwell Mill in Sunderland is set to undergo a restoration programme that will see the building returned to its former glory.

In 2012, the Mill was closed to the public because of health and safety concerns when significant damage was caused by bad weather.

As part of a £150,000 scheme, Sunderland City Council has launched a consultation and planning period to have the cap and sails of the Mill returned.

As well as the cap and sails being restored, Sunderland City Council are applying for a new sail cross, winding gear, windshaft and brake wheel.

The structure that was built in 1806, is seen nationally as an important example of 19th Century agriculture and one that should be looked after.

The building is the one of three North East farming relics left and is the only working windmill to survive.  As well, it is the only windmill in the United Kingdom that features a stone reefing stage.

The planning application has been launched but the council is yet to say how the funding for the scheme will be raised.

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