Sunderland City Council assures lollipop patrols will continue


TalkTalk lollipop uniform
Picture by: Hugo Philpott/PA Archive/Press Association Images.

The council has moved to reassure Wearsiders that lollipop patrols will continue in the city, despite the necessary cuts to funding. 

New road-safety plans have caused concerns that lollipop women and men would be axed, but the council has insisted that this will not be the case.

Councillor Michael Mordey said: “The report to Cabinet clearly sets out proposals for new road safety arrangements which could see a reduction in school cross patrols. There is no mention of removing them entirely, and to suggest otherwise is misleading, inaccurate and not helpful to the consultation process.

“The council is continuing to review, re-model and re-design its services because of Government funding cuts and spending pressures.

“Despite protecting people from the worst of the spending cuts over the last six years, it is inevitable that people are going to feel and notice changes to the services the council provides because of the cuts the council needs to make.

“While we’ve been consulting with the public on what they also see as priorities, there is no getting away from tougher and harder decisions because of the sustained reductions in Government funding.

“The council has cut £207m from its budget as a result of Government funding cuts and spending pressures in the last six years. The council is faced with the need to make further cuts of potentially £115m by 2020. For 2016/2017, the council must reduce its spending by more than £46m.

“The council’s budget is decided on Wednesday 2 March.”

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