North East turns red to raise awareness of heart disease

Stockton Riverside College supporting British Heart Foundation Wear it. Beat it campaign.

North East cities have turned red for the day in a bid to raise awareness of heart disease in the region.

There are over 120,000 people fighting a daily battle with cardiovascular disease in the North East. Successful research by BHF scientists across the UK, including those based at the Centre for Life in Newcastle has led to treatments that mean 7 in 10 people now survive a heart attack. However even with such progress being made, someone will still suffer a heart attack every 3 minutes.

It is hoped that over £100,000 will be raised today by those taking part in Wear It Beat It in the North East, which will help fund new lifesaving treatments.

From schools to large businesses, the North East are taking part in the annual event that started 20 years ago.

Daniel McNally, the British Heart Foundation North East manager, said: “From red themed dinner parties in people’s homes, to red coffee mornings at some of the regions largest employers – the North East is turning red for the day.

“The main aim is to raise awareness of heart disease, especially in the North East, and there’s no better time than in February, which is known as heart month.”

Mr McNally is involved in a £100,000 project, called Hearty Lives Newcastle, that helps people in the region that suffer from a heart disease.

Joan, who has benefited from the project, said: “It is amazing and has changed my life. The trainers have been marvellous.

“I’m aiming to continue with my dancing, which I gave up when I became ill. You have to listen to your body and do what you think is right. Don’t give up.”

Stockton Riverside College have pledged their full support to the ‘Wear it, Beat it’ campaign that always takes place the week before Valentine’s Day.

Students of the college marked the occasion with a selection of red heart themed products for sale as well as wearing red for the day.

“We can always rely on our students and staff to get involved, when it comes to helping a worthwhile cause,” said Stockton Riverside College’s Head of Marketing and Recruitment, Vicky Petrie.

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