South Tyneside member of UK Youth Parliament launches campaign against racism


South Tyneside’s elected Member of the UK Youth Parliament (MYP) has launched the Parliament’s new 2016 campaign to fight racism in the Borough.

Emma True has joined almost 300 other elected Members of the Youth Parliament in running a year-long campaign to combat racism and religious discrimination.

The campaign will call on politicians and schools to join the Youth Parliament’s endeavour to help young people speak out about discrimination.

As part of the launch Ms True met with Coun Alan Kerr, Deputy Leader of South Tyneside Council with responsibility for Democratic Renewal, and Coun Joan Atkinson, Lead Member for Children, Young People and Families, at Jarrow Town Hall to discuss how young people across the Borough will promote and work on the national campaign, Don’t Hate Educate, in South Tyneside.

Emma True, MYP for South Tyneside, said: “I’m so excited to start working on this campaign in South Tyneside because I think the Borough is such a great and accepting area.

“I’ve lived here all my life and I found that the sense of community we have here in South Tyneside is really worth shouting about nationally.

“If this campaign is successful, which I am hopeful of, it will be a massive step forward for this campaign nationally.

“I know that in South Tyneside breaking down barriers between different cultures can help create a greater understanding of those we live alongside harmoniously.”

Coun Kerr said: “It is empowering that young people’s voices have been heard in the House of Commons and Emma has returned to kick start the Youth Parliament’s Don’t Hate Educate campaign here in South Tyneside.

“I am pleased that tackling racism and religious discrimination is a key priority for our young people in the Borough. It is only through educating the public about different cultures that we can end prejudice against those of a different faith or race.”

As part of Youth Parliament’s National Day of Action to launch the campaign, Ms True also visited MPs Emma Lewell-Buck and Stephen Hepburn to introduce them to the new campaign.

Coun Atkinson said: “I am proud of Emma for launching this new campaign in the Borough. South Tyneside has a diverse community and it is important that ignorance of different faiths and race does not jeopardise the Borough’s strong community spirit.

“I look forward to supporting our young people with this national campaign and seeing how attitudes can be changed through educating our young people and the wider public.”

Over the next year, members of the UK Youth Parliament will campaign to challenge negative attitudes around race and religion by educating their communities and promote integration.

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