Software predicts impact of 10 kiloton bomb device if detonated in Newcastle

Photo: Impact of 10 ktn bomb blast/ screen grab: nukemap.
Photo: Impact of 10 ktn bomb blast/ screen grab: nukemap.

Nukemap is an online computer programme which allows people to get an estimation of what would happen to a city if it was struck by a bomb device.

It was created by American nuclear historian Alex Wellerstein and gives an idea of what damages different bomb devices can cause to a city.

However: “Modelling casualties from a nuclear attack is difficult. These numbers should be seen as evocative, not definitive. Fallout effects are ignored,” the author has stressed.

NB: This is just a computer programme that gives rough estimates, so we advise our readers to use the programme as a tool of information and education not as something to trust.

We have used the software to predict the impact of a 10 kilotons bomb device if it hit Newcastle, and this is the result:

Photo: Screen grab/nukemap.
Photo: Screen grab/nukemap.
  • As many as 17,610 people would be killed and 25,530 would be injured, if a 10-kiloton bomb was detonated on the surface in Newcastle city centre
  • But as many as 32,290 would be killed and 85,750 would be injured in Newcastle, if it was a 10-kiloton bomb air blast
  • The thermal radiation radius changes depending on whether the blast is on the surface or in the air, but an air blast would have a worse impact on people than a surface.
  • We tested the programme using 10 kilotons of yield, as this was the exact value of the hydrogen bomb North Korea have claimed to have tested underground

Check out Sunderland Echo for Sunderland estimates which, despite being bigger, would have fewer casualties according to nukemap.

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