Crime prevention advice for students coming back to Sunderland after Christmas


Students returning to Sunderland after the Christmas break are reminded not to let burglars ruin their studies.

The reminder comes as Northumbria Police continues to take action against burglars, after a number of students’ homes were targeted in the city.

More and more students are investing in technology to help with their studies, and items such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones are easy targets for thieves – even more so if front doors are left unlocked and windows wide open with valuables in clear view.

And, with a number of students, all living in one house, each with their own laptop and mobile phone, targeting students’ homes is a lucrative business for a burglar.

Temporary Superintendent Sarah Pitt said: “Most students will now be back at university after the Christmas break and may have exams looming or deadlines to meet and are preoccupied with their studies with crime prevention at the very back of their minds.

“However, it really is important that people don’t become complacent and crime prevention is a part of daily routine – it takes a few moments to lock the front door or close a window but could potentially help prevent someone from being targeted by thieves.

“Leaving a door unlocked or window open, especially if a laptop or mobile phone is left near, is like playing Russian roulette with burglars – it is only a matter of time before it will get stolen. And, with a number of students all living in one house, a burglar can potentially make off with a number of high value items.”

Further crime prevention advice can be found on the Northumbria Police website.

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