Puddle in Newcastle goes viral after live stream set up

drummondpuddlewatch copy
Anthony Kane joins in with the #DrummondPuddleWatch trend, after going viral on Twitter.

Drummond Central, Newcastle, has topped the trends on Twitter after they set up a live stream video via Periscope to capture the public attempting to cross a giant puddle.

The live stream, which was viewed by about 20,000 people, using #DrummondPuddleWatch, showed members of the public jumping and climbing over the puddle in an attempt to avoid it.

After circulating worldwide, passers by started joining in with humorous props, including a ‘caution wet surface’ sign, a bright pink beach lilo and even a surf board.

One person who captured viewers attention was Anthony Kane, a Radio and TV Broadcast Production graduate from the University of Sunderland, who decided to take a swim in the puddle with a bright pink lilo.

The 23-year-old said: “I was sat in the office watching it and we had a lilo in the cupboard.

“Someone had already put out a ‘wet surface’ sign and a rubber duck so we thought, why not!?

“My twitter has gone mental [since the live stream went viral] although it’s love and hate; some people say I’ve ruined the puddle while others are like yes, get in!”

WATCH: The live stream of the puddle on Periscope

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