US ELECTION 2020: North Carolina artist says ‘I want him gone!’

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North Carolina artist, Marc Y Chenevert. (Image credit: Marc Y. Chenevert)


NORTH Carolina artist and US Air Force veteran Marc Y Chenevert told SR News he wanted rid of US President Donald Trump.

Mr Chenevert, who has spent a lifetime advocating for the arts and contributing to the US National Museum of Commercial aviation with his pictures of aircraft, said he felt that Trump has been a strongly negative influence on America.

He condemned the President for removing over 28 key policies that were put in to protect everything from clean air to funding for the arts.

When asked why he voted for Biden, the 65-year-old artist said: “Trump was all the influence I needed; I want him GONE! I mailed-in my vote.”

Mr Chenevert said another major reason for his vote was Trump’s controversial move in withdrawing the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate control, which committed the world’s nations to limiting global warming and reducing pollution.

He has also said Trump had done “absolutely nothing” for the United States when addressing the Covid-19 situation, while Biden has plans to make wearing masks a national mandate. In North Carolina, wearing masks is already a mandatory affair.

Mr Chenevert added: “It remains to be seen with Trump; from what I’m hearing, he’s going to go out very loudly if he loses. Biden will have to undo all of the damage Trump has done to this country and to our standing in the world.”

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