Playstation or Xbox – which one will you console yourself with?

Playstation and Xbox are competing for console supremacy


WITH the launch of the new Xbox and Playstation coming later this year, the console wars are well and truly under way.

Sony and Microsoft are two of the largest technology companies in the world and their games consoles have gone head-to-head for 20 years.

Even now, there is a large debate over which console is best – so we thought we’d ask our readers what they think…

Pretty much two-thirds of those who voted in our poll said Playstation would be their choice.

But is that a fair assessment on which is the better console?

Dean Pope replied to our Twitter survey to say he feels that the Playstation’s catalogue of games gives them the edge over Xbox. 

The exclusive Playstation titles include Harry Potter, Spiderman and Gran Turismo – titles which seem to have caught the imagination of customers.

Philip West is also of the opinion that Playstation is the way forward, and he shows that brand loyalty is king in the console wars.

Playstation has been in circulation since 1995 and some people have never changed their console preference since that point.

Gaming expert and Twitch player Ian Tomlinson spoke with SRNews about the consoles.

He said: “I am biased because I have always played the Xbox. However, even from a neutral perspective, I would still pick the Xbox because it has far better specs. 

“But, I must say that Playstation has the better exclusive titles, which could sway people away from the Xbox despite it being a superior machine.”

Brand loyalty is key for both Xbox and Playstation, and Ian added: “The Playstation 5 will outsell the Xbox just because it has a greater market share to begin with. Playstation has a stronghold in Asia, while Microsoft generally performs better in America.”

Click here to read about the specifications for both consoles.

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