Pub Can Reopen From July 4 2020

FROM July 4, 2020 pubs, restaurants and hairdressers can reopen in England, following new government guidelines.

The government have set Covid-19 guidance for the hospitality industry in order for them to put essential steps in place to open safely.

The measures put in place for pubs to become Covid-19 secure, including:
• Using table service where possible instead of ordering from the bar
• If an app is available, encourage customers to use that contactless ordering
• Upon entry, encourage customers to use hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities provided
• Clear social distance guidelines on arrival with visual aids around premises

The Cottage Tavern, Cleadon, is preparing to open their doors on July 10, 2020. Pub owner, Robert Harding, said: “Our customers safety is paramount and we have been working hard to ensure you can visit as safely as possible during this time.”

“We have made some adjustments to help maintain social distancing guidelines. We are carefully managing the number of people in the pub at one time, this will ensure our customers keep ‘one-metre plus’ at all times.”

Business owners warned that social distancing at two-metres would be inoperable in the close proximity of small businesses. The updated social distancing rule ‘one-metre plus’ is more functional for smaller spaces.

The reopening of pubs has sparked controversy amongst the public.

Father of three, Paul Ruddy, said: “The priority of the government is all wrong, how come I can go to the pub to have a pint with my friends but can’t go to see my mam in hospital? I understand boosting the economy but surely there are other ways!”

“No matter how many new procedures are put in place, as soon as people have a drink, they will forget social distancing won’t be taken seriously no matter how hard staff police it. It just seems too soon to open pubs.”

The government have recruited pubs to help with their new trace and track system. Pubs should record customers details upon entry, this will help keep employees and customers safe.

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