Gateshead College host 2020 Gamerama Cinco event at Baltic Campus for school kids interested in creative industries


The 2020 Gamerama Cinco event took place at Gateshead College’s Baltic campus, with school children and gaming fanatics alike taking part.

The occasion intends to provide children and gamers with a space to explore video games, creative and filmmaking industries in a fun and inclusive environment.

The event is also designed to help the college promote their digital industries courses, allowing attendees to meet the Gateshead College team, learn more about their courses and take a look at the design facilities. 

The college caters the day to schoolchildren up to the age of 16 who are considering their options in further education, though anyone interested in gaming and creative industries is welcome to join.

The event will include tours of the facilities, a gaming tournament, and interactive art and design workshops.

The college is also offering those interested in these courses with the opportunity to apply for a place at the college for the next academic year.

Sharon Fenwick,the Art and Design course leader at the college, said: “Gamerama has run for 5 years now, the input from the art side is, like, having a go at art techniques and having a bit of fun, getting to meet potential students. 

“Often we enrol quite a few students onto the course. It’s a good fun day during half term.

“Obviously a lot of word-of-mouth gets around, so obviously people from a few years ago who have siblings, or cousins, whoever that may be, who maybe want to come on a games course, or an art and design course. It’s become a lot more family oriented, I think.”

John Bartlett, a Games Design teacher, said: “My involvement with this has been helping set up the various gaming platforms, from the very new VR experiences, all the way down to the retro games, to give everyone a fair, balanced try of all of the different technologies.

“A lot of students bring their friends, and that helps a lot because they meet everybody, and they kind of think, “I like it here!”, and that’s a feeling you can’t really buy.”

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