Sunderland artists and creatives encouraged to participate in residential

The Digital Catapult NETV is in partnership with Sunderland Culture, where creative industries in Sunderland are invited on a up coming residential which will be running on the 11th-12th of March at Jury’s Inn, Gateshead.
This residential will focus on how venues could use technology to connect with their audience.

Penny Day, Innovation Officer at Digital Catapult said: “This next one we are running is for artists and creative practitioners that are keen to learn more about emerging technologies, how they could explore them and how they may be able to incorporate them into their work and creative practices.”

“When we say emerging technologies, we mean immersive technology (e.g. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D audio and haptics), future networks (e.g. 5G, LPWAN and IoT) and artificial intelligence (e.g. AI and machine learning).”

During the residential, there will be a number of host speakers discussing topics related to the new evolving forms of technology. There will also be in-depth sessions with Jenny Lang, plus a tour and a demo in the Immersive Lab in PROTO.

Penny stated: “Within the Immersive Lab session individuals will be shown our cutting-edge VR and AR headsets with relevant content alongside 3D printers, haptic wearables and immersive audio devices.
This opportunity is open to artists or creatives that are based in Sunderland. This could be dancers, authors, audio producers, artists, photographers etc.”

Sunderland Culture is an organisation that brings together Sunderland’s cultural activities and locations that bring the city to life.

Laura Brewis, Artist Development and Creative Economy Producer at Sunderland Culture said: “Sunderland Culture is leading a programme of events that aim to strengthen the city’s artists and creative industries called ‘Unlock the City. This residential brings together the creative community of the city with the tech sector to explore the opportunities for collaboration.”

In regards to how Sunderland Culture will benefit from this event, Laura said: “It will open up more opportunities to make the most of the digital sector in cultural venues and start off new relationships between arts and the digital in the city.”

For more information, click the link to find out details!

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