Seven Stories to host ‘Look After Your Planet’ event for children

Seven Stories, National Centre for Children’s Books in Newcastle, is hosting a Charlie and Lola themed event to teach children the importance of recycling.

The event will take place on Tuesday February 18 and Saturday February 22 at 11am.

Those who attend will read the Charlie and Lola book ‘Look After Your Planet’ together before making their own bird feeder from a recycled tin can or juice carton, which Seven Stories ask you to bring yourself.

Photo credit: @7stories Instagram

Participants will also be invited to pledge a small change or action they can make in their own lives to help the planet.

Alice Carthy, Events Coordinator at Seven Stories, said: “Seven Stories is really committed to sharing the message that no-one is too small to make a difference when caring for our environment.

“We’re hoping families will have fun as well as learning more about the important climate change issues and how we can all be a little kinder to the planet.”

It is estimated that current UK recycling saves more than 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, the equivalent of taking five million cars off the road.

As well as saving energy, recycling reduces landfill waste and can conserve finite resources.

A spokesperson for Newcastle Greenpeace, a climate change campaign group, said: “recycling is a really simple thing that all of us can do.

“We are at tipping point and are already seeing the impacts of climate change. If we carry on as we have been then it will not just be the wildlife that suffers, we will too. It’s in our interest to act.”

She added: “We need people to be aware of the issues and we need children to get to know and love nature. That way enough people will be motivated to start a real conversation about what we want the future of our world to be and what changes it will require to get there.”

To book you place at the look after your planet event, visit Tickets cost £3 and the event is open to all.

To find out more about Greenpeace and how you can do your part in saving the planet visit their Facebook page.

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