Sunderland public have their say on Boris’ Brexit trip to Sunderland

Members of the public have been lining the streets of the National Glass Centre in Sunderland this morning awaiting the arrival of Boris Johnson and his cabinet.

The weekly cabinet meeting is being held in Sunderland to mark Brexit which will happen tonight at 11pm. Why Sunderland? he North East constituency were the first to declare majority leave back in the 2016 referendum.

Members of the public have had their say about their questions and hopes for the outcome of Brexit.

Remain supporter Julie, 43, a local worker in Sunderland asked: “Passport control when we go on holiday, what’s gonna happen now?” This is an issue many people are questioning as to whether we will need visas to travel on holiday.

Contrastingly, Sandra, 59 a leave supporter said: “I just hope Boris Johnson brings infrastructure to the North and to Sunderland and to help people get jobs and build Sunderland up for the best. This is a big statement (cabinet meeting being held in Sunderland), I didn’t know till this morning. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen.”

As the Cabinet meeting continues members of the public wait eagerly outside waiting to see if their will be any news for post Brexit Britain. The prime minister will be heading back to no.10 to give a speech later this evening before the clock strikes 11.

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