The Top Music Venues in Newcastle/Gateshead

Music has always been around us, whether that’s online or going to concerts.
But if you’re from outside the city, or new to the music scene, they might be difficult to find.

Newcastle has always been a renowned place to visit and is most known for it’s nightclub and music scenes.
With critically- acclaimed venues spanning across the Newcastle/Gateshead area.
Tourists and residents have frequently praised the North East for their music venues.

Visitors to Newcastle come from far and wide in the UK, just to visit the music venues in Newcastle.
Leeds Art student Holly O’ Hara praises Newcastle for its support in connections with their local music scene, she said:

“Newcastle has always made me feel welcome and since moving to Leeds for university I always come up here for the gigs”.

Newcastle itself is a prominent location for small and upcoming artists to rise to fame, with the likes of Sam Fender working his way up the ranks from ‘Think Tank?’ to now selling out arena shows, including Newcastle’s Utilita Arena.

Love for music is within all of us and Newcastle proves this with music played in numerous venues across town bringing residents and the community together as one.

Frequent concert attender Izzy Fox claims that “Newcastle is the best place to go for music, and all venues are iconic for bands and artists to perform. I am proud to call Newcastle my home”.

Images on map for Boiler Shop & Institute from Google Maps.

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