Local Youtuber’s on Social Media and Its Effect’s on Mental Health


YouTube stars Merl and Josh Kapranos have warned of the potential health dangers of using social media.

Merl, known for his online gaming videos and news, said: “I think without a doubt it’s true how teens are almost glued to their phones a bit too much, leading to poorer mental health, as the saddening statistics show.”

Research recorded in August showed that of teens in year nine, 51 per cent of girls and 43 per cent of boys said they used their social media platforms more than three times a day. In year 11, these statistics went up to 69 per cent for boys and 75 per cent for girls. The research found that the boys and girls who checked social media this regularly had poorer mental health.

China has announced a curfew for gamers which restricts them to 90 minutes per day and up to three hours on weekends and holidays. When asked about statistics gathered through research, the Chinese curfew, the way social media portrays life and self-use of the internet, Merl said: “I think if parents engaged with children more it would keep them off phones, helping to reduce these figures in the future. As for the Chinese curfew law, I feel that is slightly too harsh, however you can understand the concern. Ninety minutes for me is too little game time, as gaming is used as a way to get a release from your day-to-to life. However, for the UK, I think a law similar to that towards social media could help. Everyone under 16 could have a restriction of perhaps 12 hours per week, for example.”

Josh Kapranos, known for his online challenge videos, also shared his thoughts and ideas on these topics. He said: “I feel as if social media and electronics in modern day life are incorporated a lot and that the numbers of teens affected by too much social media will begin to decrease in time as the new age develops.

“I agree that the average person these days can easily be misled or blinded to the real world after seeing images from those who are famous or rich online. Social media is a great thing but, like everything else, it has its down points. Teaching on the inaccuracy and effects of too much social media should be implemented too.”

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