General Election: Call for electoral reform as votes “will count for nothing”

At the first ever Make Votes Matter meeting in Newcastle, voters vented their anger at the First Past The Post system, in which whoever wins the most votes in each constituency wins.
This means that many votes around the country are considered “wasted”.

“I’m very angry about the election coming up,” one attendee said: “I know that my vote will count for nothing.”

In 2017’s election, the DUP received under 300,000 votes and won 10 seats. The Green Party received over 500,000 votes, but won just one seat.

Make Votes Matter call for Proportional Representation, which would ensure that each vote has an effect on the seats held in Parliament. Some oppose this, as it may lead to more hung parliaments.

The group hope this will be the last general election with the FPTP system.

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