Tyne and Wear MPs react to upcoming Brexit vote

An anti-Brexit remain in the European Union supporter holds a European Union flag during a protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Tuesday, March 12, 2019. Britain’s attorney general punctured Prime Minister Theresa May’s hopes of winning backing for her Brexit deal Tuesday, saying last-minute changes secured from the European Union didn’t give Britain the power to cut itself free of ties to the bloc. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

By Neave Heaton

With the final ‘meaningful vote’ set to take place in parliament this evening (March 12) on Theresa May’s deal, which she has spent two years negotiating with the European Union, the public are left to wonder where the full day of debates will go.

The North East is represented by a group of MPs who seem set to stand by the vote previously made in January, where the prime minister’s negotiated deal faced a record defeat of 230 votes.

When looking into the social media tweets and views given in Parliament over the past few days, it seems the MPs have made it clear where they stand:

Helen Goodman (Labour, Bishop Auckland), tweeted: “I shall vote against Theresa May’s deal tonight.”

Mike Hill (Labour, Hartlepool), tweeted: “ So where is the improved Deal? No elimination of the NI back stop and no real movement. We need to examine the detail overnight. Precious little time given to MPs to examine any changes.”

Simon Clarke (Conservative, Middlesbrough South and Cleveland East), tweeted: “Reminder at start of crucial week: Malthouse Plan B is very much still on the table. Leave on 29 March. Embrace a basic transition period running to max 2021 in place of the unacceptable WA. A route that could work for both sides & allow smooth transition to the future r’ship.”

Chi Onwurah (Labour, Newcastle Central), has been tweeting regularly on the subject:

“In what parallel universe does a unilateral declaration trump a negotiated agreement? The PM couldn’t negotiate a deal Parliament agreed with, so now she is literally making it up… unicorns have far more credibility. #BrexitShambles.”“Jacob Rees Mogg, who has split his party in order to take Britain back to the 1890s, on #newsnight accusing Labour of playing politics… What is he actually doing to make people’s lives better?”

“Last week I joined other Labour MPs in unfurling a Love Socialism Hate Brexit banner on a very windy Westminster bridge (sorry for the bad sound!). The Tories have stolen Brexit & turned it into a hard right project to destroy workers’ rights, that’s why I’m calling for a final say.”

Catherine McKinnell (Labour, Newcastle North), is also keeping her twitter up to date with her thoughts:

“This would be funny if it weren’t so serious – this is a Government of fools taking us for fools #NothingHasChanged #BlindfoldBrexit #BrexitChaos.”

“And instead of continuing to go round in ever decreasing circles, it’s time to ask the British public: is this deal, the only Brexit that the PM has been able to negotiate, what you want for you, your family & your country? #PeoplesVote.”

“Meanwhile, what was announced last night changes nothing with regards to the backstop & our ability to withdraw from it. I will be voting against this deal again today.”

“The fundamental problem with the withdrawal agreement is that it will leave every nation & region of our country – and particularly the North East – poorer than they would have been.”

“18 days until Brexit. We still don’t know what will be voted on tomorrow in the latest ‘meaningful vote’, one of the most important votes in Parliament’s history; whether we’ll be voting on the same thing as last time; or whether it’ll go ahead if there’s nothing new to vote on.”

Phil Wilson (Labour, Sedgefield), has told his followers his plan through sharing an article with the caption:

“Don’t vote for May’s deal, it will only usher in more austerity | Politics | The Guardian @Tim_Roache yet again showing leadership on #Brexit.”

Emma Lewell-Buck (Labour, South Shields), tweeted:

“Just leaving the Commons after yet another #Brexit statement, whole thing feels absolutely desperate. Govt negligence over the past two years has and is letting our country and people down. More to follow in the am….”

“In Chamber for @jeremycorbyn UQ to the PM about #Brexit but she is not here. The junior minister at the Despatch Box has nothing to say, isn’t answering any Qs & Tory benches are empty. What a totally inept govt.”

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