Should a second EU Referendum be called? North East MPs’ Brexit views

A petition calling to stop a possible second referendum on EU membership has received 135,936 signatures.

An agreement is yet to be reached for a Brexit deal, with the matter at the forefront in the House of Commons.

With the UK set to leave on the March 29, 2019, some are calling for a second referendum, however, this petition calls for the opposite.

SR News asked 13 MPs in the North East whether they support a second referendum, of which only three replied.

The MP for Jarrow Stephen Hepburn does not support a second referendum, alongside the MP for South Shields Emma Lewell-Buck who said: “It’s a no from me.”

However, the MP for Houghton and South Sunderland, Bridget Phillipson, said she is backing another referendum and in an article published by the Guardian she said: “Today, with an exit deal on the table that ties down exactly what might happen, and with parliament having already rejected that, there is only one way out.

“We must ask the people of Britain whether they want to leave on the terms the government has negotiated and parliament has rejected, or whether they would, on reflection, rather keep the deal they have.

“My electors are reasonable, intelligent people. When the facts change, we should give them a chance to change their minds.”

Phillipson went on to discuss Labour’s role to Britain’s working people.

She added: “Of course there are many Labour voters who voted leave, and many of them did so because of deep dissatisfaction and anger with the deal they get from Britain’s society and economy.

“I share that dissatisfaction and I share that anger. But as socialists, not populists, we have to level with the people we represent. It is decisions in our own country that have made our system unequal and unfair, not our membership of the EU.

SR-News contacted 10 other MPs across the North East, but they did not reply. They were:

  • Chi Onwurah
  • Julie Elliot
  • Ian Mearns
  • Liz Twist
  • Sharon Hodgson
  • Catherine McKinnell
  • Nick Brown
  • Grahame Morris
  • Mary Glindon
  • Alan Campbell

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Do you support a second EU referendum?

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