Increase in mental health services at Northumbria University

Northumbria University has increased its mental health services; workshops and programmes have been provided for students to attend around their studies to provide them with extra support. 

The Manage Your Mind workshops are repeated four times throughout the year and take place both on City Campus and Coach Lane. 

Jane O’Keeffe, Student Support Coordinator, said: “The workshops consist of a presentation and short group work – they are for an hour in total.

“The workshops are promoted via email, marketing material and website and students can book online which has resulted in great feedback.

“Having the workshops in place for students to part take in has been a great success and beneficial for the students to take part as a further reassurance of support.”

The Tyne and Wear branch of Samaritans help provide a wide range of support with people battling mental health including one of the programmes Developing Emotional Awareness and Listening (DEAL) to ensure students have a level of support which they can participate with online.

Caroline Warburton, Tyneside branch director, said:

“The programme aims to support young people aged 14 years and upwards. The revised course is available online. It is certainly very popular and highly regarded course of support for young people. Without a doubt, it has helped thousands of young people to cope with things when life gets difficult.

“It involves raising awareness of emotional health and the importance of recognising when you need help, develop help-seeking behaviour and skills, positive coping strategies and reducing stigma and barriers.”

Samaritans have callers available 24 hours a day including when other support agencies are closed. For more information, you can visit their website or their free-call number is 116-123 or email 

For more information regarding the workshops, visit their website or, to book a place on the programme, email

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