South Tyneside Council and Nexus support new South Shields Interchange despite mixed opinions

The new South Shields interchange, which is currently under construction, has gained support from South Tyneside Council and Nexus.

The interchange is Phase Two of the South Shields 365 regeneration scheme and is an important part in the future look of South Shields. However there has been some mixed opinions from the public regarding the new interchange.

Jessica Wilson, 32, gave her views saying: “I think it will look nice and might attract more people to the town centre but I think that other things could have been improved rather than the interchange, such as the town centre.

“I don’t think the interchange should be a priority as the one at the minute is working fine.”

Mark Cantwell, 45, said: “It will look a lot better than the one now, I think, and I think it will connect more people to the town centre which should improve the high street, which I think is really good and also good from the council.”

The £21million redevelopment will see a modern bus station built, along with a new and improved Metro station.

Leader of South Tyneside Council, Councillor Iain Malcolm, said: “The transport interchange is the next piece of the jigsaw in our vision for the town centre.

“The Word and our other regeneration successes have drawn hundreds of thousands more visitors into the town centre so having top-notch public transport facilities, connectivity and a high quality sense of arrival is vital.”

The new bus terminal will supply seating for passengers, along with an overall improvement in the access to the station and increased lift and escalator provision.

Coun Iain Malcolm went on to add: “We are creating the right infrastructure to showcase our redeveloped town centre to residents and visitors.”

The bus station will also focus on increased passenger safety, meaning everyone can have a more relaxed journey.

However there have been some negatives views on the new interchange as Lauren Brook, 24, said: “I don’t think much will change, because it will just be the same as the one at the minute.

“I think they should focus on other areas of the town rather than the interchange which isn’t that much in need of improvement right now.”

There will be an enhanced entrance on Fowler Street and Keppel Street, which is where the Metro station will be relocated.

A Nexus spokesperson said: “The new interchange will herald a step change in the quality of the public transport facilities in South Shields town centre.

“Bus and Metro passengers can look forward to a brighter, better and more comfortable environment once the interchange is built, which we believe will help attract more people to South Shields for shopping and leisure.”

The Coronation Street bus stops will be upgraded, and the bus station will see an addition of 14 bus stands, one coach stand and one drop off/coach point.

This will lead to improvements in bus routing within South Shields, connecting the town with the rest of the North East.

The construction of the new South Shields Interchange is forecast to be completed and opened by the autumn of 2019.

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