Tall ships and Airshow boost Sunderland economy by £19.3 million

Tall ships 2018, photo courtesy of Sunderland City Council

Two of Sunderland’s biggest events this year have generated millions of pounds for the economy in the region.

According to Sunderland council, the tall ships and the air show brought in 1.2 million people. Visitors spent money on a variety of things, including accommodation, transport and entertainment: the majority of money was spent on food and drink.

The chart below illustrates the percentage of money spent in each category for the two events.

The chart below illustrates the amount of money different people spent at the two events. People generally spent more at the Airshow than they did at the Tall Ships.

Of the 300 people that were surveyed, 95% said they would recommend the Airshow to friends and relatives; 94% said they’d return.  The feedback also showed the visitors would change the toilets, prices, drinks and the weather.

Events manager, Victoria French, speaking at the Economic Prosperity Scrutiny Committee, said: “The Tall Ships had an international reach.  There were a lot of international people who attended, whether they came to Sunderland for the event or were in the country for a holiday and made time for it.”

It was the 30th anniversary of the tall ships and it featured more than 50 tall ships from 16 countries. The event has previously been held in Newcastle, Hartlepool and Blyth.

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