Sunderland Snow Angels Scheme Seeking Support as Winter approaches

Sunderland City Council and Durham Constabulary are preparing elderly citizens for cold conditions, as 2018 welcomes another intervention from their Snow Angels scheme.

The scheme was introduced in 2010 when heavy snowfall hit the North East and left many elderly people unable to access public footpaths, or sometimes even leave their homes.

The council have made it known through social media that they are in need of local helpers in the Chester-Le-Street area to contribute to the scheme. Rewarding tasks, such as clearing paths during snowfall and allowing the elderly easy access to emergency police headlines, are just some of what these helpers will be involved with if they choose to get onboard. Grit bins displaying the Snow Angels emblem will also by given by helpers to those highlighted by police as particularly vulnerable.

Credit: Durham Constabulary

73 year old Maureen Holmes, a Seaham native who now lives in Sunderland, has expressed her thanks to the scheme. She stated: “In 2010 the snow here was absolutely dreadful. One day when I was walking home from the shop, the paths were so slippery that I fell and dislocated my hip. I couldn’t get up. Luckily there were neighbourhood wardens patrolling my street and they ran over to help me.”

“They called an ambulance and reassured me that everything was going to be okay. One of them even put her coat over me to keep me warm while I waited. I was in such a state that I hadn’t realised who my helpers were, but my daughter later informed me that they were part of Snow Angels.”

“I will always be grateful for their kindness and selflessness towards me that day.”

Credit: Durham Constabulary

The scheme will run from December 2018 until March 2019 when the weather is anticipated to be at its worst. Helpers are expected to wear appropriate clothing on duty, such as a big coat and sturdy boots, to ensure that they are comfortably able to combat adverse weather conditions. They are also expected to actively use social media to update the community of their services, and to inform followers about what they can offer to people in need during bad weather spells.

PSCO Adrian Richards added: “The more people who get involved with this, then the better the outcome of the scheme will be. It’s a really beneficial and valuable local cause to be involved with.”

If you are interested in contributing to the Snow Angels scheme in Chester-Le-Street, please email or call 101 and ask for Adrian Richards for further information. 

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