Events2GoGo hold Christmas Fair event at the Stadium of Light

Popular events company Events2GOGO recently held their ‘This is Christmas’ event and fair at the Stadium of Light.

The event saw over 3,000 people come through the doors to shop from local traders, grab some food from the street vendors and enjoy a family day out. Fiona Harnet, creator of the family-owned company responsible for the event, discussed the difficulties of putting it together. Fiona said:

“It takes a lot of blood sweat and tears to be honest, it’s a year in planning. I have to pull in all kinds of recourses like choirs, nativity animals, traders and street food vendors.

“It’s really just having all the contacts and different networks like street food people, traders and crafters. Just having lots of plans and getting it into action on the day.”

Fiona is prompting others to shop locally in a bid to support local traders and business in the run up to Christmas. She said:

“In the run up to Christmas it’s so important to be shopping local and keep the money within your own local economy. It’s something we heavily promote and I think there are a lot of people listening to that now.

“We look after everyone we keep pitch fees nice and low and financially accessible. It’s a really good atmosphere: I have a trader group with 1800 local traders in and know they will be looked after and go to fantastic advertised events.”

Nicola Shorton attended the event, selling a collection of Christmas-related items at little cost. Her stall, uniquely, was fundraising for the Tree of Hope charity which provides equipment for her son, who suffers from cerebral palsy, epilepsy and autism.

I asked Nicola how Events2GoGo accommodated her and her family. Nicola said:

“It’s been really really good, I have been looking at events and contacted the Stadium of Light only on Friday and explained the situation and that my son had been poorly.

“They said they would accommodate, to show up on the day and they’d find us a table, so I cannot complain at all.”

Nicola and her family had previously fundraised at different events before but felt none compared to this. She said:

“This one has been by far the best and fantastic for us.”


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