Eight indoor places in Tyne and Wear to enjoy on a rainy day

Eight indoor places in Tyne and Wear to visit on a rainy day | Credit (clockwise from top left): Discovery Museum, chongtastic, Mark Brown, Tom Bastin, David Allan, emmma_j_m, Dave Snowdon, David Wood.

Tyne and Wear is home to an abundance of culture, heritage and has a social buzz like no other. However, the North East can also have unreliable weather forecasts so having a backup plan when spending time with friends and family in your spare time is key. 

Whether you want to discover Newcastle’s wonders of art through the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art or head to Sunderland to explore their biggest shopping centre, The Bridges, Tyne and Wear is the place to be.

To commemorate the spectacular culture, art, food, theatre and business across Tyne and Wear, let’s take a look at the best indoor places to visit in Tyne and Wear on a rainy day!

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