Major Developments in Sunderland Woman’s Search for Long Lost Dad

A breakthrough has been made in the search for a Sunderland woman’s long lost father.

Rebecca Harrison from Pennywell has spent the last week trying to find her Dad who she had never met. She decided to start the search last Thursday while celebrating her late mother’s birthday.

“It’s always been in the back of my mind who my biological dad is – do I know him? Have I walked past him in the street? So I thought I’d find out for myself”.

Despite knowing very little about the situation, Rebecca pieced together facts to try and gather as much information about who it could be. She made a post on social media, asking any of the public with details to contact her on Facebook.

After posting online and appearing on The Now Show, a man got in touch believing he is the Father.

Here’s a quick summary of Rebecca’s story so far:

The next step for Rebecca will be a DNA test to confirm that she has found her Father.

The pair have asked for privacy during this emotional time.

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