Help a Sunderland Mum find her biological dad: Do these clues mean anything to you?

A Sunderland mum has made an appeal on social media in a bid to find her biological Dad.

Rebecca Harrison from Pennywell posted on the SunderlandNow Facebook page asking people to share the post. It currently has more than 950 shares with people commenting with help and advice.

Rebecca said: “On Thursday night it was my mams birthday she would have been 49 and we had some friends round celebrating her birthday and we got talking about what she was like when she was younger. The conversation of my dad popped up so we thought why not look for him? Turn to social media as it’s the main point of everything at the moment”

The 23-year-old has never met her Dad – having been adopted by her Auntie and Uncle when she was a baby and always knowing her uncle as her dad

“I’ve asked about my biological parents before but obviously they’ve shut me down about it and I didn’t want to ask again incase it upset them – but now I’m standing on my own two feet I’ve got my own family, own house I just want to know where I come from.

“It’s always been in the back of my mind who my biological dad is – do I know him? Have I walked past him in the street? So I thought I’d find out for myself”

She says she has had no news yet – but people are trying to help her put the pieces together.

If you can help Rebecca in the search for her father get in touch with her over on Facebook.

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