Backlash Over Labelling Stephen Hawking An Inspiration To Disabled

Following the death of scientist Stephen Hawking, people with disabilities have taken to Twitter to criticise those describing Stephen Hawking as an “inspiration to disabled people”.

The Cambridge University Professor was diagnosed with motor neurone disease when he was 21 and died at the age of 76 – far beyond his predicted life expectancy.

Some Twitter users have called Stephen Hawking an inspiration to disabled people while others have attacked the idea saying that the professor should not be defined by his disability.




Science teacher Nick Tuck said: “The death of anyone is always sad, however Professor Hawking led a rich life despite his health difficulties. His legacy is a deeper understanding of the universe and how it was formed. His work was also hugely important in bringing science and physics into the mainstream media. His books have been read by millions and his work has inspired many young people to explore a career in science.” 

Written by Ponteland High School students as part of BBC School Report in collaboration with SR News.

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