Bonfire Night attacks latest blow to firefighters

Tyne and Wear firefighters are under further pressure after being attacked by fireworks on Bonfire night.  

Amid cuts to their services, added stress was placed on firefighters during this year’s celebrations as they dealt with 207 incidents in just  four hours.   

Crews also faced fireworks being thrown at them, including six rockets, as they tried to carry out their jobs.  

Russ King, Fire Brigades Union Secretary for Tyne and Wear, said: “Firefighters are extremely frustrated by these attacks by the public who they are trying to protect. 

“Calls have been made for the public to think about their actions.  

“A firefighter’s resources are essential for them to do their job correctly, and if a piece of equipment is damaged and put out of service the service can’t run as effectively. 

“This then further increases risks to firefighter safety and the safety of the public.” 

The Service also had to tackle several small fires and wheelie bin blazes throughout the course of the evening.   

Mr King said: “These events have simply added to the stress and pressure placed on firefighters since cuts began in 2010.”  

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service have already had £22 million reduced from their budget over the past seven years.  

Finding their resources exhausted and a dramatic reduction  in posts, firefighters are frustrated at the recent events.  

They say these types of attacks and incidents that occurred on Bonfire night show how cuts to their services will only increase the dangers they face on the job.  

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