City of Culture Bid Poses Exciting Opportunities for Students

Sunderland is in its next stage in terms of our City of Culture 2021 bid, presenting opportunities for students to get involved if we win.

After a visit from the City of Culture judges just a couple of weeks ago, Sunderland’s City of Culture bid team are preparing to present in Hull, the current UK City of Culture, on the 7th December.

A member of the  bid team told us “the University is a key partner in our bid.

“We have three ‘founding partners’, which are three main sponsors for our bid, and the university is one of them.”

A representative also stated that there are a number of academics from the university which will be aiding in developing the programme if we win.

“There will be plenty of internships and volunteering opportunities for students to get involved with,” we were told.

“There will also be plenty of commission opportunities. We currently have illustration students creating maps of the city, which is only just the beginning.”

Sunderland has a rich heritage of science and engineering from being the birthplace Joseph Swan, the developer of the first light bulb, and a history of ship building.

“Culture is not just about art,” reminded the representative. “There will also be a big focus on the relationship between science and engineering in the city which of course opens up more opportunities for students in this field.

“Overall, if we win, it’s going to be an exciting opportunity for a wide range of students from different disciplines which we’re all really excited about”

More information will be available on how to apply for volunteer schemes and internships if we win the bid.

If you would like more information on how you can currently get involved and show your support, visit

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