7 emotions all North East students might feel on results day


It’s A-Level results day – the results are in. You may have done well, you may have done better than you expected or you may be facing results you didn’t want. But at least you know how you’ve done.

Here’s seven emotions you might feel today and some tips to combat them!



The wait is over, so you’ll probably be feeling a wave of relief. You know how you did in your exams and you’ve got your grades. It’s your decision what to do now. Maybe you’re heading off to university, into a job or apprenticeship or even a gap year. You have a choice on what to do next.

If your results aren’t what you wanted or you’ve changed your mind about which university you want to go to, you can contact UCAS Clearing on 0808 100 8000 or you can call the University of Sunderland’s Clearing line on 0191 515 3000 to see what courses the university has to offer.



You’re heading into the next chapter of your life – congratulations. There’ll be so much happening – moving away, going into a new job, spending your time volunteering and a lot more. Whatever you’re doing good luck!



Results don’t go well for everyone. It’s okay as there’ll be other students like you, in the same boat. Stay calm. There are other options – you can go to college or a university and do a foundation degree, take a gap year, go into employment, defer for a year and more. There are different pathways into what you want to do, so stay focused and think about your next step. Remember there are people there to support you and help you with your decision so you’re not alone.



Maybe you didn’t get the grades you were expecting or you, your friends or family members are moving away. Of course that can be a sad time. They’ve been with you throughout your exams and for many, longer. Remember this is a new part of your life and theirs, so while you may miss them you can still stay in contact. If your grades didn’t go to plan, there are other ways to get into the career you want.



You may have done better than you thought – well done! It’s a great feeling so hold on to it. On the other hand you may be surprised that you didn’t do as well – it’s okay. Remember to talk to someone about your next steps and stay calm. It will all work out!



A lot of people could be asking about your results today and you might not want to tell them. It’s fine to not want to share them – they’re your grades. Don’t feel pressured to delve into what you got, just explain you don’t wish to tell anyone.

Pride and gratitude


These two emotions come hand in hand. You may be feeling proud of yourself for the work you did in throughout those two years of study and equally you might feel like you want to thank those who helped you get through those months of revision and stress.

Whatever happened today you did your best and for that you should be proud!

Well done to everyone getting their results!

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