A day at Newcastle’s spring food market

A plethora of markets have returned¬†to Newcastle, delivering a diverse platter of tastes to the city centre. Situated at Grey’s Monument spanning onto Grainger Street, the market provides various samples of food from the UK and across Europe.

Stalls range from wooden ornaments and pick n’ mix to the finest French cheese and paella. Attracting Tyne and Wear residents and tourists alike.

The market is a huge point of attraction for tourists. According to the UK Tourism Statistics 2016, there are 3.7 million trips made to the North East each year and £616million spent by tourists in the area. While day trips to the North East make up 4.3% of the total domestic tourism value. Markets and events like this are an immense source of revenue for the tourism sector.

Ste Thomas, who works at the Rabbit Hole Travelling Coffee Shop stall, said: “You’ve just got to look around, there is such a mix of people. Between the things on offer and the different cultures you can get a taste of, in many ways it is really well suited to a place like Newcastle that’s known for really friendly and welcoming people.”

The market will be in Newcastle until Sunday, May 14.

See the full interview here.

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