Local and Community History Month: The importance of Sunderland’s history

Local and Community History Month is celebrated throughout May to increase awareness of the importance of local history – SRNews spoke to the people of Sunderland about what history means to them.

Sunderland is well known for once being one of the largest ship building towns in the world, after Thomas Menvill started a ship building yard in Hendon in 1346.

Carol Stoker, 70, who is originally from Seaham said: “I think history of a place is what you make it.

“Although I’m from Seaham, my kids and grandkids were born here and have grown up in Sunderland, I’ve lived here for 49 years now and have seen Sunderland go through many changes, from the well known things such as the Shipyards closing to the opening of the glass centre is the 90’s.

“But my history is my family and in years to come all we see now will be history, so we need to preserve it while we can.”

Why is Sunderland’s history so important to you? What’s your favourite historical element of Sunderland? Tweet us or comment on Facebook!


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