Forefront Film Festival raises awareness of people with autism

Forefront Film Festival screened their productions made by people with learning difficulties and autism at Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle on the March 8, 2017.

Twisting Ducks Theatre Company

Twisting Ducks Theatre Company, which comprises of a team of people with autism and learning difficulties.  This production company put their work forward for the festival.  Film Maker, Marc McAndrew said: “I found that people with learning disability sometimes don’t get a job so I wrote an employability rap about this to raise awareness.”


Twisting Ducks Theatre Company, Chief Executive Officer, Jay Hare said: “The general theme is issue based film and theatre. Twisting Ducks film projects have been very exciting.

“Our production team goes out into the wider community and listens to the voices, issues, hopes and dreams of the people and then turn their hopes and dreams into films and other productions.”

McAndrew reveals more information about two productions that then production company is working on; Person First and the other What’s Up Doc. McAndrew said: “We showcase Person First at the Freeman Hospital once a month. Both of the two productions, Person First and What’s Up Doc get a good reaction from the audience as they have serious messages.

Twisting Ducks Theatre Company delivers Person First at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle once a month. Twisting Ducks took SRNews behind the scenes to catch a quick glimpse of their rehearsal.

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