Sunderland street artist gives clues about top secret artwork for Sunderland City of Culture race 2021

Sunderland graffiti artist Frank Styles has revealed details about top secret artwork he’s creating for the Sunderland City of Culture bid 2021.

Styles, who specialises in spray painting walls, says his new piece involves him producing art on a truck and while he cant reveal specific details he has spoken how the work will be created.

He said: “My strategy for my current piece of art work is to work backwards instead of forwards. I want to make sure that my strategy works before I reveal any information about my current piece. I would like to paint on a variety of platforms.”

Styles works as a street artist in Sunderland and his art work includes photorealism, murals and graffiti. He will be taking part in the Sunderland City of Culture race 2021 along with many other competitors. He used to be based in Sunderland but has very recently settled in London.

In some of Styles’ art work, he gets a lot more say in what he would like to paint. For example if he wanted to paint on the walls in bedrooms he is more flexible but when it comes to painting on the streets he is usually commissioned to produce his work so his painting becomes a little restricted.

The street artist has eight years of experience under his belt and wants his work to encourage other local artists to get promoted as well.

His work can be viewed along the bank of the Tyne and Wear River and on High Street West. Styles added: “One of my favourite pieces that I have created throughout my work is the painting that includes the white butterflies.”

One of the first street art painting that Styles has created is the painting with white butterflies on High Street West in Sunderland. It measures roughly 12 metres square.

Some of Styles’ street art work can take up to three weeks to complete them but it depends on the size of the art and the strategies that work with the design. If a design is very large then sometimes it might take more than one pair of hands to create the painting.

Many of the street art work paintings by Frank Styles in Sunderland include contrasting colours and often fit in with the environment where the painting is located. Even though some of Styles’ paintings have stories attached to them, he leaves everyone to work out what the story is behind his art.

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