What do SR News readers think NASA’s new discovery will be?

NASA will be holding a press conference at 6pm GMT on Wednesday February 22, to announce a new “discovery beyond our solar system.”

The discovery remains mysterious however the agency posted a hint on their website that they will be presenting “new findings on planets that orbit stars other than our sun, known as ‘Exoplanets’.”

Readers responded to an SR News’ poll on Twitter on what they think NASA will announce at the press conference.

Thirty two per cent of people believed they would announce the existence of a new planet while 47 per cent said it would be aliens.

Whereas 11 per cent believed it would be a new galaxy and the remaining 10 per cent chose other.

People in the North East expressed their excitement about the announcement on Twitter.

Jemma said:

Jamie, said:

In August 2016, scientists announced that a planet called “Proxima B”, which is an Exoplanet similar in size to Earth.

It is 40 trillion kilometres away, is orbiting around a star, which is considered to be the closest to our solar system.

Speculations are that the announcement is most likely to be about Proxima B or a similar planet.

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