Prince Harry visits Gateshead Civic Centre to support North East veterans

Prince Harry has visited Gateshead Civic Centre to support a Walking With the Wounded event to learn more about what is being done to help veterans with mental health issues and those who have problems with the criminal justice system.

Prince Harry discusses veterans affairs with veterans and social support workers. (Image by Ryan Lim for SRNews)

His Royal Highness has supported Walking With the Wounded since 2010 and has been advocating for veterans affairs constantly. Prince Harry has also said he suffers from flashbacks to his time as an attack helicopter pilot in Iraq.

His Royal Highness met with beneficiaries of the charity as well as members of Gateshead Civic Council and Northumbria Police. All who work together to maximise the effect the charity has on veterans affairs and individual troops in the North East.

Prince Harry said: “I know the blood sweat and tears that have gone into this, but you guys are literally leading the way for veterans assistance. No one else is doing what you guys are doing. No one at all. We’ve got contact where all the service charities are sitting at one table.”

CEO and Co-Founder of Walking with the Wounded, Ed Parker said that: “I’m really pleased that Prince Harry has come here and actually seen the work that we’re doing, the co
uncil is doing, the local police force is doing on the ground to support veterans and help them get away from difficult situations whether it is business or within the criminal justice system and get some stability back into their lives.”

Walking with the Wounded supports veterans through their regional bases. There are plans to open a base in Gateshead to support veterans in the region.

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