Newcastle protests against the potential State Visit of U.S. President Donald J. Trump

Newcastle came together in the fight against bigotry and racism to protest the proposed state visit of U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

Organised by anti-racism advocacy group Newcastle Unites, it aimed to bring people together to show support for a petition signed by over 2 million people telling Trump he he’s not welcome in the United Kingdom.

The rally was organised to coincide with Parliament’s debate on if President Trump is to be given a state visit to the United Kingdom.

Anti-Trump protesters gathering to protest the proposed state-visit. (Image by Ryan Lim for SRNews)

Compere from Newcastle Unites, Shumel Rahman said: “We don’t want his type of hate in our country. Change never happens overnight, it takes time. This is one little cog in that big wheel of change, and if we don’t do something. There will never be a change.”

Various people of different walks of life came together to take a stand and make their voice heard.

Rev. Rebecca Tobin, Curate at The Parish Church of Saint George the Martyr East Boldon joined the demonstration. “We need to speak out in love to counteract the hatred that he seems to be bring over to our country.

“It’s a simple case of love your neighbour as yourself. If you believe in love. If you believe in God. If you believe that we can make a difference, make things better. We need to treat people with respect that we all deserve. Everyone deserves respect and love. Thats what matters.”

The event coincided with a demonstration for migrant worker’s rights known as “One Day without Us”

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