Ghost hunt to be carried out in Newcastle Castle

A ghost hunting group is heading to Castle Keep in Newcastle to carry out a hunt.

Haunted Britannia, a ghost hunting team that holds around 10 years’ experience combined, are planning the event which will take place on February 25 from 8pm to 2am. Tickets are currently on sale for £20.

Emma Booth, member of Haunted Britannia said: “All ghost hunters have a Ghost Hunting Bucket list, that being a list of places they would like to investigate before they stop investigating and Newcastle was on ours because it’s known for being one of the scariest venues to conduct a ghost hunt.

“We do a medium walk-round in which our medium, Andy Hopkins, will let us know what he’s feeling and experiencing and we encourage the guests to tell us what reaction they’re having from the area.

“Ghost hunting itself isn’t hard, anyone can do it if they want to and we try to show people this instead of acting as though what we do is specialised. The equipment is expensive which is the only drawback and because we say this to our guests I think we earn their respect.”

Old and new techniques will be used, including psychic circles, human pendulum and Victorian séances.

Guests will be trained to use equipment provided by Haunted Britannia, as well as potential access to joining the team. Full refreshments are also provided.

Lorraine Gibbins, ghost hunt guest, said: “I have been on ghost hunts with Haunted Britannia before, they are a great team and make you feel very welcome.

“I have nearly finished my diploma in parapsychology. I also sense spirits.

“I enjoy going on ghost hunts because I can sense it makes it even more intriguing. I enjoy being in touch with the paranormal.”

Photo taken by Lorraine Gibbins at previous Haunted Britannia event, Annison Funeral Parlour, Hull.

Emma added: “We’re honest and we tell the truth. If there’s nothing in a venue and we’re getting no activity or evidence we will tell our guests and I think that’s why we get repeat customers.

“All our guests leave our ghost hunts having learnt a new skill, made new friends and possibly seen some evidence that ghosts are real… there’s no better end to a night out!”

For more info on the event and where to buy tickets please visit the Haunted Britannia Facebook page or call them on 07847 321692.

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