Top seven reactions to Sunderland Nissan investment

Picture by Owen Humphreys PA Archive/PA Images
Picture by Owen Humphreys PA Archive/PA Images

The recent investment in the Sunderland Nissan plant has caused a lot of notable people to comment on what this means for the North East, and also to question whether or not the deal benefits the area.

Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Upon Tyne central, welcomed the news as a result of North East Business and stakeholder campaigning, however is curious regarding the details of the investment. MP for Houghton and Sunderland South called the deal a “Fantastic Announcement.”

The twitter account for the Sunderland 2021 city of culture bid also supported the announcement of the deal, focusing on the job security that 7,000 workers have just been given.

The Northern correspondent for the Guardian Josh Halliday also shared positive views on the deal, stating that the decision made my Nissan to remain making their models in the UK averted “catastrophic” consequences.

However, the details of the deal and how the government was able to secure Nissan’s business despite Britain voting to leave the European Union did not seem to sit well with Keith Burge, the ex-chair of the institute for economic development saying that the “no comment” line won’t work as well once the French Government asks any questions.

Jim Waterson, the Political Editor at Buzzfeed UK, also stated that there are reports that the Government has promised Nissan aid if Brexit harms the plant’s performance.

Paul Brand, Political Correspondent for ITV News also reported that Nissan workers thought that the company they worked for was scaremongering regarding Brexit and that the big test is whether Nissan continues to produce their cars here after article 50 is triggered.

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