Man dies after falling on vessel anchored a mile off Tynemouth

Image Credit: Adrian Don
The Braschaat ship. Credit: Adrian Don

Investigations are underway following the death of a Ukrainian seaman onboard one of the three ‘ghostships’ anchored more than a mile off Tynemouth.

The RNLI, along with a helicopter, were called after a man fell while on the Brasschaat vessel. North East Ambulance Service Paramedics were taken out of the ship by lifeguards at around 2.30pm on Thursday October 20.

A spokesperson said there were reports that the man had fallen from a height.

Northumbria police confirmed on Friday October 21 that the 29-year-old man had died.

They added: “Crew members from the ship were doing CPR and there was a doctor there as well”

A coastguard spokesman said it sent its Humber helicopter to the scene and that crew members were taken off the ship afterwards.

The three ships stranded off the coastline are the Vyritsa, Brasschaat and the Zarechensk and belong to Belgian company Sobelmar.

Replacement crews have been keeping them running since the original crews were allowed to leave in June, after the company has believed to have gone bust.

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