WATCH: Hightlights from Arbeia Roman Festival 2016

The Arbeia Roman Festival returned to South Shields this year for its 25th anniversary.

It is only the second year that private company Time and Tide Events has managed it after the museum had its funding cut last year. With it now being ran by a private company rather than a museum, the focus has shifted from pure reenactment and history to events that interest public more than ever before.

Despite there being less focus on history there was still plenty of educational activities for children, which included a fun quiz, being taught Roman tactics and getting to dress up in Roman gear. There was also plenty of activities for adults with a Roman themed market, several gourmet food stands and live Roman themed music. The festival was certainly fun for the whole family.

The Roman market consisted of both hand-crafted Roman inspired goods and food, as well as more modern goods like snow cones and fudge which even existed in ancient Rome.

The festival was certainly fun for the whole family and will be returning again next year. Time and Tide Events have plenty more events similar to attend this year, including a Tolkien themed market in the Castle Grounds of Newcastle during the 24th and the 25th of September.

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