Newcastle third most affordable city for students


Newcastle is the third most affordable city to study in according to the Royal Bank of Scotland’s student living index.

The survey of 2,500 students across the UK took into account a range of factors, including living and accommodation costs and average incomes for students.

It also looked at how much students spend on going out and how much time they spend studying.

The affordability of Newcastle was boosted by students having one of the highest term-time incomes of around £1,421.

Newcastle also has lower weekly rent costs than the UK average of £109, contributing to its affordability.

The survey also found that the city’s students are the biggest weekly spenders on alcohol, spending £9.32.

Dan Jones, Royal Bank of Scotland head of student accounts, said: “Making the most of university can be expensive and there is a massive difference in the costs students face depending on where they choose to study.”

Elsewhere, Edinburgh is the most expensive city in the UK for students, while Portsmouth topped the index as the most cost-effective city, followed by Liverpool and Newcastle.

It found that above-average weekly rent of about £112 and significantly lower than average term-time income of about £995 combined to make Scotland’s capital the least affordable place to study.

Students studying in the South at Cambridge and Oxford spend the most time studying each week, at just over 47 and 40 hours respectively, compared with a UK average of almost 31 hours.

Students in Leicester studied the least at just over 24 hours.

York students spend the most time socialising at almost 12 hours a week, with Belfast students socialising the least at just under seven hours.

Birmingham students spent the least amount of money on alcohol, spending £4.12 a week.

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