Reports of Newcastle Airport plane “bursting into flames” are false, Eastern Airways confirms


Reports of a plane “bursting into flames” earlier this morning at Newcastle Airport have turned out to be false.

A couple of national tabloid newspapers claimed that a “plane ‘bursts into flames on runway as passengers are evacuated'” at Newcastle Airport.

However, a spokesperson for Eastern Airways said: “Shortly after flight T3 4031 landed in Newcastle and was taxiing onto the taxiway.

“The aircraft had a technical problem with a heating element in the first officer’s windscreen and as a precautionary measure, passengers disembarked the aircraft via the steps onto the taxiway.

“There were 11 passengers and three crew onboard the Jetstream 41 aircraft. Passengers boarded a bus to the terminal building.

“The airport fire service was in attendance but was later stood down.

“We have launched an investigation and engineers will be inspecting the aircraft.

“The safety of our passengers and crew is our primary concern.”

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